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Kodak Vision Centre.

Kodak Lens supply innovative lens technology that is designed to support, enhance & correct your vision.


Lens Types.

Our optical lenses are manufactured using the most advanced technology available. KODAK Lens supply lenses to suit the visual needs of every kind of patient, from those who only require distance vision support to varifocal wearers who require a more complex visual solution. Whether you require single vision or digital progressive lenses, we supply a wide range of products to meet every need, from occupational lenses to easy focus progressive lenses.


Single Vision.

KODAK Single Vision Lenses offer vision correction at one distance only; this type of vision problem is commonly referred to as being short- or long-sighted.

KODAK Lens manufacture three types of single vision lenses, all developed with our advanced technology and the benefit of years of experience. These are: a traditional single vision lens; a digital single vision lens with significant wearer benefits and an anti-fatigue lens, which is designed to reduce eye strain.


Varifocal Lenses.

Optimise your vision and see clearly at all distances with innovative KODAK Lens technology.

KODAK Varifocal Lenses look just like a single vision lens, so they have no visible dividing lines. However, there is a gradual shift in optical power down the lens which means that Varifocal glasses offer the right vision correction for you at all distances.


Bifocal Lenses.

KODAK Lens offer a range of premium bifocal lenses. These lenses offer vision correction for distance viewing across the majority of the lens, with a small, specific area in the lower part of the lens that corrects near vision.

This section is distinctly visible as a 'half moon' segment. KODAK Bifocal Lenses come with our CleAR lens finish as standard, which reduces irritating glare and eliminates annoying reflections, improving visual clarity and the cosmetic appearance of the complete spectacles.


Sun Lenses.

Our range of sun lenses offer you greater visual clarity and protection from harmful UV rays.

We protect our skin from the sun, but we often don't consider that our eyes are just as vulnerable to damage from UV light. KODAK Sun Lens technology offers you a great way to protect your eyes and there is a wide choice of styles available, so that you can look good at the same time.


Lens Materials.

We have lenses available in a range of materials, ensuring that you receive a lens that is right for you. From adaptive Transitions® lenses that react to suit light conditions to hard-wearing lenses designed to stand up to the active life of a child, KODAK Lenses offer the perfect solution for every lifestyle. Our lens materials offer a range of benefits to complement all ages, environments and visual requirements.


Thin & Lite

KODAK Thin & Lite Lenses are ideal for those with high or complex prescriptions.

Traditionally, this meant thick, heavy lenses that were the only option for providing high levels of vision correction. KODAK Lens technology means that we can offer high index lenses that not only offer vision correction for high prescriptions, they are up to 40% thinner than traditional alternatives. This offers a greatly enhanced cosmetic result and eliminates the need for thick, unsightly optical lenses.



Polycarbonate lenses are the most popular option for safety lenses. They offer an ideal combination of high impact resistance and optical qualities, making them a perfect choice for children! They also eliminate 100% of harmful UVA and UVB light, so they are well suited to an active, outdoor lifestyle or spectacle wearers who enjoy sport.



Made of an advanced material, Trivex optical lenses offer a great balance of natural strength and one of the lightest lens weights available. It’s robust strength offers protection from impact and breakages, while the reduced weight when compared to traditional lenses offers increased wearer comfort and an enhanced cosmetic finish. Trivex lenses also provide 100% protection from harmful UV light.



Choose from a range of KODAK Sun Lenses for protection and style that is tailored to your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for conventional tinted lenses or an on-trend mirror finish, we supply a range of sun lens solutions that give you optimum vision correction, premium UV light protection and a great choice of colours, styles and lens types.


Lens Enhancements.

Our lens technology does much more than improve sight. KODAK Lens have the optical solutions to meet a huge range of everyday visual challenges. Our lens enhancements support patients' sight across all areas of their lifestyle. They can provide brighter, more colour-rich vision, reduce glare, offer protection from dust and scratches and filter harmful light rays, including UV light, to offer optimum eye protection in even the brightest sunlight.



Protect your eyes from unwanted blue light.

KODAK BluProtect Lenses use advanced technology to filter our undesirable blue light without distorting colour vision or compromising on visual clarity.

The filtered light that passes through BluProtect lenses into the eye is managed more efficiently, which can help to reduce the symptoms of eye strain and increases wearer comfort over long periods of time. The blue light filter also helps to reduce glare caused by that section of the light spectrum, enabling the eye to better adapt to light conditions and improving visual contrast.


Clean & CleAR.

Lenses that repel dirt, grime and water. 

KODAK Clean & Clear Lenses are reflection free and have been developed to actively resist dirt, grime, smudges and water.

This means that these lenses are 10 times easier to clean than lenses with traditional reflection free coatings. The wearer also benefits from clearer vision in all light and weather conditions, as well as the improved cosmetic finish of reflection free lenses.



Reflection free lenses to reduce glare and improve cosmetic appearance.

KODAK CleAR Lenses manage how light interacts with the optical lens, reducing irritating glare and eliminating annoying reflections. This improves the wearer's visual experience and also makes their eyes more visible to others, improving the cosmetic appearance of the complete glasses.

Reduced glare also means the CleAR lenses provide improved visual comfort for wearers, as well as helping to alleviate the symptoms of eye strain and fatigue.



Live the good light in lenses that adapt to changing light conditions.

Transitions® lenses react to light conditions, meaning that they are clear indoors and darken when exposed to sunlight. They provide the optimal balance of protection, comfort and style in all light conditions, offering an ideal single-pair solution for those who don't want to have separate clear and sunglasses.

Transitions® lenses are available in a range of colours, allowing for a wide choice of frame. They also block 100% of UVA and UVB light, offering premium protection for your eyes and skin from the harmful effects of sunlight.