If you have any concerns with the health of your eyes then do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or in practice.


Anti-reflective coatings.

Anti-reflective coatings reduce glare and improve vision. Minimising eyestrain caused by artificial light sources such as VDU's and smartphones.

Our anti-reflection coatings are hard coated free of charge, offering greatly improved resistance against scratching.


Digital Eye-straiN.

Digital eye strain is visual discomfort experienced as symptoms of dry eyes, irritation and fatigue. This can also lead to blurred vision and headaches.

We supply Kodak BluProtect lenses, a sophisticated approach to filtering harmful blue light emitted by artificial lighting, computers, tablets and smartphones to combat these symptoms.



Dry Eye is one of the most common eye disorders in the UK. It occurs when tears don’t function as they should - the normal function of tears is to keep the surface of the eyes wet and lubricated. If the tears are not good enough you can get a gritty, burning sensation of the eyes that can sometimes disturb vision.



Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases in which the optic nerve is damaged by the pressure of the fluid within your eye. 

This damage is often permanent. There are two types: Chronic, which happens slowly over time; and acute glaucoma which happens suddenly. The first being the more common.